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The Best of Europe's Secluded Beaches!

Tourist resorts appeal to the traveler who enjoys the convenience of nearby restaurants, nightclubs and bars, as well as the many on-site amenities provided. But you may have found that the added stress inherent in these overcrowded facilities outweighs the benefits of the hot stone massages you can have there. You're not exactly antisocial. Perhaps you've just had sand kicked in your face one too many times. or you're tired of dodging Frisbees and footballs on the beach. Now it's time for some peace and quiet.
So what to do? Pack a picnic lunch, a good read and a swimsuit (or not!) and head for the road less traveled. Here's a list of undiscovered beaches to help you navigate that road. And where does it lead? Away from the crowds. Wear sunscreen and enjoy your book!
1. Croatia's best beach for bathing in your birthday suit - If you're a sun worshipper who prefers to bathe sans swimsuit, Croatia boasts some 20 official naturist resorts as well as numerous naturist beaches and hidden coves. Nudist Camp Beach, Vrboska, Hvar, has a bistro and grocery store as well as a pleasant pebble beach. Take the ferry from Trogir and get off at Starigrad. Go straight out the exit road and look for signs. A friendly, multi-purpose beach, this place attracts Czech, Danish, German and British visitors, but is rarely crowded. Wind surfing in the buff? Why not give it a whirl?
2. France's best strolling tan - The secluded, sandy beaches of Belle Ile en Mer are accessible by ferry from Quiberon. Located just off the coast of Brittany, this is the largest of the French islands in the Atlantic; its powdery sand beaches, freshwater creeks and excellent water-sports conditions are unsurpassed in the region, yet the area tends to be relatively uncrowded. The beach at Locmaria has delightful footpaths along which visitors can explore the coastal landscape at their leisure-while getting a remarkable tan.
3. Germany's sunny secret - Germany's East Frisian Islands, along the North Sea coastline, have miles of sandy beaches frequented mainly by nude sunbathers. Few visitors are aware of this stretch and, as such, you're likely to have a beach to yourself. These islands also have quaint fishing villages, seal watching opportunities, as well as an ancient language and culture.
4. Greece: What Greek locals know - While most of Greece's beaches are pebbly, Skiathos boasts soft sand as well as a quaint Old Town section. What's more, this area is relatively undiscovered when compared to touristy Mykonos, Rhodes and Corfu. As a result, Skiathos is said to be the Greeks' favorite island. It is one of the Sporades group in the northwestern Aegean and can be reached by ferry from either Kimi or Volos.
5. Italy: Sardinia's best bronzing - Far from the crowds and about 31 miles southwest of Cagliari, La Costa del Sud has unspoiled beaches and many hidden coves to explore. The area also boasts crystal clear water and a temperate climate. Torre di Chia beach is easily accessible by bus from Cagliari. Capo Spartivento-the next beach over-is quite a bit larger and has two lovely islands on which to bronze oneself.
6. Spain's shy person's pick - If you're in need of some quiet time away from the crowds, head for the Costa Brava. This rugged coast, which stretches from Blanes to the French border, boasts rocky cliffs and miles of sandy beaches. The drive along this coastal road is spectacular: Greek, Roman, Phoenician and Arabic ruins dot the landscape as do fortified villages from the days of the pirate invasions. The beaches along the route are the country's most secluded.
7. Spain's original (and still best) nude beaches - Ibiza was the first place in Spain to offer nude beaches and it still has some great beaches for those who like to let it all hang out! El Cavallet in Cabo Falcon-with it's rolling sand dunes and many secluded areas-offers great sunbathing. Families flock to the northern end, while the south is a popular gay hangout. Another beach worth donning the birthday suit to is nearby Aguas Blancas. Be warned, it can get very crowded in July and August.
8. Ireland's rugged best - Just seven miles from Wexford Town, Curracloe Beach is an unspoiled and sandy white strand. Adjacent to a protected pine forest, this is one of the most beautiful beaches in the country. The water here is like champagne and the beach is rarely crowded. If you've seen Saving Private Ryan, you may feel a sense of déjà vu as you stroll along the strand: the D-Day Normandy landing scenes were filmed here.
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Faliraki's Top Nudist Beach!

As this crowd spend most of the day in bed or by the pool nursing their hangovers, a few of the islands other visitors head to the Faliraki nudist beach to spend the morning.
Most of the party crowd are not even aware of its existance as it is at the very southern end of the resort as you head into the hills. It can only be reached via a path that takes you over a hill and then winds down to sea level. It is sign posted FKK for the German tourists and it only takes a few minutes to follow the path. Once you arrive you will find a nice secluded beach, small bar, sun loungers and umbrellas.
The first thing you will notice when you get down there is the heat. It feels hotter than the main beach because it is in a small cove surrounded by cliffs. Temperatures often rise well above 40c by mid afternoon so it best to get there as early as possible and don't forget the sun block.
Ego's are left the main beaches when it comes to naturism and you won't find anyone posing on a nudist beach. Regular naturists will tell you that we are what we are and its certainly true you will not find anyone staring or anything like that. If you are visiting Rhodes and have considered a nudist beach before but have never tried it, you could choose a lot worse than Faliraki nudist beach as your first.
Because it cannot be reached without coming down the path which has plenty of signs in all languages stating it is a nudist beach, you will not find gawpers hanging around as you do at some nudist beaches.
There are some sand dunes at the top of the hill where nudism is allowed if you prefer some privacy. You will need to bring something to lay on and perhaps an umbrella to shade from the sun. There are some small alcoves along the beach front among the rocks as well if you want to find some privacy next to the sea.
If you are an experienced naturist and intend using the beach daily, there are several hotels and apartments very close to Faliraki nudist beach. Hotel Matina is probably the best of these and it will take you just 10 minutes from reception to beach.
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An Introduction to Naturism and the Nudist Beaches of Spain

The practice of nudism or naturism is not new to many beaches of Spain where it has been permitted since the law was changed in 1989. For most participants the activity is not fueled by sexual intent but rather an understand that clothing is simply not necessary in this environment.
The sensation of sun, sand, water and cooling breeze unencumbered by clothing allure with an exotic, perhaps primitive experience. For those from colder climes visiting a warm sunny nudist beach can be an unforgettable and most enjoyable vacation that begs repeating at the earliest opportunity. Leaving the strict conventions and stresses of everyday life and finding oneself in a completely uninhibited form on a beautiful sandy beach is both incredibly relaxing yet also stimulating upon the senses.
Here I present my entirely subjective list of the top 5 nudist beaches in Spain:
Playa de Cabopino, Marbella
One of the most stunning beaches in Malaga with a 1.5 kilometer stretch of sand sheltered from wind and the gazing eyes by long sand dunes. There are clothed and nude areas with a bar serving light snacks and beverages.
Cala Morisca, Sitges
A very small sheltered beach of about 120 meters on the coast of Garraf backed by a shallow grassed cliff. The path to this attractive beach is rather steep and surfaced with loose gravel and sand but it's worth the walk. There are showers and sun beds for hire and a restaurant and bar with terrace on the cliff above.
Playa de Nueva Umbria, Huelva
This incredible location is found in the Paraje Natural Marismas del Piedras and Flecha de Nueva Umbria. About 18 kilometers of white sand offer naturists stunning long walks and large sections of empty beach.
Playa Es Trenc, Mallorca
Stretching nine miles the beaches of Sa Ràpita front a succession of dunes covered with pine trees. The beach is sandy with shallow waves and has a very good atmosphere. The 'textile' areas of the beach are found at either end of the beach leaving most of the beach clothing optional. Snack kiosks are available in the clothed areas.
Playa de Maspalomas and Playa del Ingles, Gran Canaria
Another very large beach of 8 kilometers this time in the popular Canary Islands. The clothed sections are found next to the adjoining resorts leaving a very large central nudist area and also a popular gay section. Saharan sand forms a large field of towering sand dunes 4 kilometers in area which form a spectacular backdrop for this curved beach.
I hope you have enjoyed my introduction to some of Spain's 'playas nudistas' and that maybe I motivate you to visit one of these incredible beaches.
Find our more about Gran Canaria and the nudist beach at Playa del Ingles.

Naturism in the 21st Century

English law operates on the premise that you are free to do anything which is not specifically prohibited, but you have to take the consequences of your actions.
Nudity in a public place is not, of itself, an offence in English law.
This statement may seem surprising to many people, but it has always been so - and remains the case despite the introduction of a new offence of "Exposure" in the Sexual Offences Act 2003 which makes a simple law more complex.
If you are in the habit of sunbathing without clothes on a quiet stretch of beach, one with a history of such activity, or a designated nudist beach then you are probably within the law.
On the other hand, if you attempt to walk naked down your local high street you will, within a few minutes, feel the heavy hand of the law on your naked shoulder..simply not 'socially acceptable' Interpretation of the law can vary widely in different parts of the country, so apply common sense to your chosen recreational activity.
The word naturism was first used in 1778 by a Belgian, Jean Baptiste Luc Planchon and was advocated as a means of improving the 'natural lifestyle and health in harmony with nature', expressed through social nudity. Social nudity is nudism in a social context, either at one's home with friends or with acquaintances at a nudist event or facility, such as a naturist club, community center, resort, or private facility. Facilities for naturists are classified in various ways.
A 'landed' or members' naturist club is a privately owned facility, at a specific location, while non-landed clubs meetings are held at many consenting locations, such as private residences, swimming pools, hot springs, landed clubs and resorts.
There are many aspects to recreational nudism, nudists who simply enjoy the freedom of a nude life style, naturists, have deeply held beliefs and see communal nudity as just one of many important principles along with chosen lifestyle.
There appears to be a widely held belief in these communities, that the public view of naturism is very ill-informed and distorted and as such is often associated with some form of eroticism, whereas nothing could be further from the truth, a bare body being no less natural to them than the majority who choose to cover and dress it up. Many feel it would be more acceptable these days to being gay than to admit to being a naturist. Why should all not be equally acceptable?
On anecdotal evidence it seems that a lot more people than you would expect have tried skinny-dipping and nude sun-bathing and enjoyed the experience, but probably for this reason, do not then extrapolate to make the connection with naturism - which they still consider to be a marginal and slightly kinky activity.
Social conditioning extends a heavy hand when it comes to 'fringe elements' of society, there is a way to go before we achieve the idyll of 'allowing to be' if it harms no-one, then why not?
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Naturism on Barcelona Beaches

Nudism has been a growing popular phenomenon over the past few years. Many people have turned it into their lifestyle, others see a form of perversion in it and some people make a living out of it. Nowadays, you may find camping areas, swimming pools and even entire villages of nudists! Nevertheless, this nudism fashion seeks its place in our societies.
Germany is one country with a major nudist tradition whereas Spain has only allowed nudism for about 20 years. Before the 80's, a law inherited from Franco would condemn behaviours that offended "decency, good habits and that would provoke scandals".
Fortunately, over time nudism has become part of modern culture and has expanded to Spain. Barcelona is the perfect case study: lots of beaches in Barcelona are opened to nudists. You may even walk down the street naked if you feel like it, there's a law protecting people's nudity (although it is not so common to see naked people walk around).
Barcelona offers many incredible beaches for nudists, with lots of services available too: Red Cross watch, renting of hammocks, refreshment stall, toilets... you'll find them near very reachable metro stations such as: Barceloneta, Ciutadella, Bogatell, Poblenou, Llacuna, Selva de Mar and El Maresme and Forum. It's also the case of Sant Sebastiá's beach, Nova Icària, Bogatell, Mar Bella, Nova Mar Bella and Llevant.
If you get out of the city, Sitges has a semi urban beach called Balmins that's very popular among nudists. Another famous beach is Home Mort but it's somewhat complicated to get there. Garraf offers the Dune Park Beach (in Castelldefels), where the nudist zone is closer to Gava; there's also the small beach of Morisca.
For those who like the area near Maresme go to Masnou beach, there's a pedestrian access; or try Musclara in Caldes d'Estac, also easy to reach and with a cleaning service. Other famous nudist beaches are Murtra (Sant Pol de Mar), Forti (Mataró) and Roca Grossa (Calella).
Want to try the nudist side of Barcelona? Come and get closer to Nature on one of these amazing beaches. Rent the best apartments in Barcelona and have a nude trip!
Diana Roig
Naturism is popular in Spain hence its inclusion in the Barcelona Culture. There are many naturist beaches, some official clubs and also some great places close to Barcelona. Discover the best Barcelona Apartments and enjoy your travel.

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Bar None - The Best Bikini Contest!

A couple of bars in Ayia Napa organize bikini or wet t-shirt contest. It is common for bars and places that are located just outside the main strip in Ayia Napa with these types of competitions. The reason is that they need to attract customers, what better customers than to attract a flock of wild and thirst of young men?
The prices of these contests are usually cash prizes in the range of 50 to 150 euros, free drinks, t-shirts, accessories and day cruises. Be sure to research prices before going there. A considerable amount of money, of course, more interesting than washing a few drinks for free.
When you have entered and finally about to go on stage, some ways that you can actually put into an advantage in such competitions. Here are 10 common sense tips that can help you win the bikini contest Ayia Napa?
1. Have fun
Bikini contests are supposed to be fun, if you see the audience and see a person who prefers to be in another place you are desperate.
2nd Smile and show ya teeth
You have fun, remember?
3. High-heeled
Walking in high heels gives a better posture and your feet and body look better, but make sure you can walk in high heels! Otherwise, it looks stupid.
4th Tanning
A well-tanned body will enhance your features and places of interest.
5.Shake That Booty, Oh Yeh!!!!!!!!!
The audience really appreciate a vague tremor. But that's not good if you look like a robot. Practice in the mirror a little early to make sure that the right way (spicy, sweet and sexy).
6th: Flirting with the Public, Phor make it Hot!!!!!!!!!
Say hello to them and throw them a kisses to encourage some positive responses, it will be much appreciated.
7. Choose a bright bikini?
Use a bright bikini, a shiny pink bikini is much easier on the eyes than the black boring.
8. Too cold?
When you hit the stage your bikini needs two bulging bits (Use your imagination) shows that just come out from a cold room. It seems better!
9. Trust
Act confident and safe on the stage, but not take it too far. No one wants to conquer a girl snob.
The 10th most beautiful girl will not always win
It is not always the hottest girl who wins, you do not need big breasts or buttocks of steel. However, you must show that you love your body and you are confident in the show. A pretty girl on stage is just that, a pretty girl. Do your best and show enthusiasm and will have a lasting impact on the audience and judges.
Hopefully these tips can help you stand out and attract the attention you deserve and help you take the prize money back to your hotel or fun your next wild drinking exploits.